An Prediction Analysis of Subway Usage


The data used were collected and compiled from the Korea Meteorological Administration, Public Data Portal, the Korea Energy Economics Institute, and the Seoul Transportation Authority.

In South Korea, especially in Seoul, most people use the subway. A purpose of this project is to understand any correlations among various environmental and socioeconomic factors from 2016/01/01 to 2018/12/31(yyyy/mm/dd) and to predict the number of passengers who will use the subway in the future through an analysis of various factors that can affect subway usages, which is the most popular form of public transportation used by Seoul citizens. Three subway stations which can reflect the characteristics of the corresponding subway station use population were selected as dependent variables:

  1. Guro Digital Complex station has around many companies as industry park.
  2. DdukSeomYuWonji station hsa a good tourist spot for couples and families to visit.
  3. Near Children’s Grand Park Station, middle, high schools, and universities are distributed, and there is a zoo near this station where nearby schools can visit for field trips.

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Shawn Kim
Actively seeking for full-time opportunities | Analytics Position

Actively seeking for full-time opportunities | Analytics Position