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Step 2: Get a Discount!
Step 3: Save the Planet :)

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-Web application that lets restaurant owners upload their food items made by their surplus materials to end-users seeking convenient meals at discounted prices.
-Web application (mobile friendly) built using TomTom’s Map API


Reducing food waste-
Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted according to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Restaurant/grocery/bakery demand validation
Most restaurants, grocery and bakery stores are wasting an additional 25% of their net income and adding up to 15% to food cots.

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What it does


-Allows the restaurant to reduce the food waste
-Allows the end-user to get food from the restaurants for cheaper price
-Provides basic information such as hours of operation, directions to the shop, and pricing

User Story

Version 2 - connector - [ ] User as a deliverer can pick up the last call food from supplier and deliver to the end user and take delivery fee - [ ] User as a NPO can pick up the last call food from supplier and donate to the charity/shelter

Demo (Image and video)

GIF videos

Buyer video video

Supplier video video Supplier Screenshots



  1. main


  1. Adding item Template(menu)

Adding item Template(menu)

  1. Adding item

Adding item

Buyer Screenshots



  1. map


  1. store


  1. item


  1. reserve


  1. confirmation


How we built it

Built with

-TomTom API (
* Map Display API
* Cusotom Makrer * Routing API * Reachable region


Installation Instruction

To run the app:

  1. Clone the app (
  2. start server
    • go to ‘Githubs/FoodBeGone/backend/FoodBeGone’
    • run command ‘./gradlew bootRun’
  3. start client
    • go to ‘Githubs/FoodBeGone/frontend’
    • export tomtom’s API key ‘export REACT_APP_TOM_TOM_API_KEY={yourAPI}’
    • run command ‘yarn start’

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges we faced was integrating frontend with backend adding an external API.

Accomplishments that we’are proud of

We are pretty proud of having a working product that solves a real-world need and successfully finished a web application.

What we learned

Before doing the store visit survey, we thought that restaurants were buying materials to some extent in anticipation of demand. However, through a store visit survey, we found that most restaurants face daily problems that they waste their unsold, surplus foods and these foods end up being thrown away most of the time.

What’s next for FoodBeGone

We can dig deeper into our project and add more features. We can add specific pickup time options and add delivery services in conjunction with delivery api or application to better meet the needs of certain customers. Also, for customers who want to donate, they can create a culture of food donation in connection with the government.



Shawn Kim
Actively seeking for full-time opportunities | Analytics Position

Actively seeking for full-time opportunities | Analytics Position