Siyeun Shawn Kim

If you torture the data long enough, it will confess everything.


Shawn Kim

Quality Assurance Specialist at SungKwang Meditech

University of Iowa


University of Iowa, Tipple College of Business; majored in Business Analytics & Information Systems.

I strongly believe analysis ability is an essential way to draw meaningful conclusions in the era of huge data and information. I would love to have an opportunity to share my experiences, skills, and goals with people with similar interests.


  • IT Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning


  • BS in Business Analytics & Information Systems, 2019

    University of Iowa



I mainly work with R language for practical statistics, data analysis, and various machine learning methods. I created this personal website with R as well. For another programming language, I’m studying Python steadily for data science, but I’m not as good as R.

Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

I mainly use Tableau to create an insightful story and visualization about data. I can make a concise report with R markdown. In addition, I know how to use Gephi for social network analysis using.


Proficient in the Oracle SQL (Oracle SQL developer & Oracle Apex, and PL/SQL). I can use MySQL and PostgreSQL as well.

QM Certificate in healthcare

I have expertise in Quality Management (QM) regarding medical devices and healthcare. Specifically, I acquired ISO 13485:2016 QM certificate the most recently version for my previous medical device company, which is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry. I acquired CE certificate for medical device as well.

Microsoft Office Tools

Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Access). I know how to use advance excel such as simple optimization and simulation using solver function.


My native is Korean. English is upper intermediate (B2).



Quality Assurance Specialist

SungKwang Meditech

Jul 2020 – Present Seoul, South Korea

  • Plan, execute, and oversee inspection and testing of incoming and outgoing product to confirm quality conformance to specifications and quality deliverables.
  • Analyze and investigate product complaints or reported quality issues to ensure closure in accordance with company guidelines and external regulatory requirements.
  • Develop new standards for production and design, with improvements as needed, and create testing protocols for implementation across all service lines.

Data Analyst

Sazze, Inc.

May 2020 – Jul 2020 San Jose

  • Analyzed overall consumer consumption patterns and trends through Google Analytics.
  • Created a Database architecture by collecting data from Korean startups operating in the U.S.and by subdividing the information based on characteristics of each startups stages.

Data Analyst

7G Distributing

Sep 2019 – Dec 2010 Iowa City

  • Worked cross-functionally with sales teams in reviewing the current product catalog and listing on the website.
  • Built a product recommendation engine based on customers’ past consuming behavior/patterns to predict which product grouping would bring the best value to both customers and businesses.
  • Proposed a various set of product combinations based on the simulation to run A/B testing which enabled more strategic sales operation.

Business Analyst

SK Meditech

Mar 2017 – Jan 2018 Seoul, South Korea


  • Led oversees sales team exhibiting in worldwide medical fairs (EMEA, APAC) with a proactive campaign to drive more sales opportunities.
  • Fully utilize CRM software (Ecount) to execute the follow-up customer care which resulted in a 150% increase in the sales meeting setup.
  • Systemized product codes and customer lists through the ERP(enterprise resource planning) system to ensure product quality and a more efficient delivery cycle which helped the sales team serve their account better.
  • Conducted the sales data analysis, potential target analysis using R to gain insight which resulted in strategic customer segmentation and prioritize product marketing.

Exhibition History:
-Medica 2017 @ Dusseldorf, Germany
-ArabHealth 2018 @ Dubai


Auxiliary Police

Republic of Korea Army

Apr 2015 – Jan 2017 Seoul, South Korea

  • Assisted police office tasks at the United State, China, and Japan embassy in South Korea.
  • Responsible for cross-training team members in all positions needed to run the squad efficiently and effectively
  • Performed a wide range of duties requiring strong organizational skills, analytical thinking, and persistence


E & D Tech.

May 2014 – May 2015 Seoul, South Korea
Started and strategically expanded aesthetic related vendor business by implementing an innovative business model, increasing the points of sale, and strengthening customer service.


Joining Data in SQL

Learned SQL including joins, set theory, and fundamental tools in any PostgreSQL wizard’s toolbox.
See certificate

Unsupervised Learning in R

Learned about finding patterns in data without trying to make predictions and learned algorithms inferring patterns from a dataset without reference to known, or labeled, outcomes.
See certificate

Data Manipulation in R with dplyr

Learned techniques for data manipulation using mainly dplyr fucntions.
See certificate

Intermediate R

Learned about conditional statements, loops, and vector functions.
See certificate




A platform where restaurants and grocery stores can buy and sell excess food at reduced prices.

Video Games Industry Analysis with SQL

Web-based database application for sales analysis using Oracle Apex. Mainly focused on analyzing the features that can affect sales volume by finding correlations between features to provide insights into the video game industry.

An Prediction Analysis of Subway Usage

A Prediction Analysis of Subway Usage in Seoul by Multi Regression Model.

Diabetes in the United States

An analysis of diabetes percentage of all state in the United States visually, and then diving into deeper analytical methods to find the best factors.

Pima Diabetes Analysis

Predict the onset of diabetes based on diagnostic measures.